Screenings and Evaluations

After an initial screening and consultation with one of our licensed speech pathologists, your child may qualify for a full evaluation. If so, a thorough assessment of your child’s current speech and language skills will be completed in order to determine his/her current levels of communicative abilities. Background information, medical history, educational services, parent interviews and testing will be conducted in order to identify the specific needs of your child. This process serves a dual purpose in determining not only if your child requires treatment but more importantly, it guides the therapist in determining the specific goals and course of your child’s therapy.

IEP's and School Therapy Services

If your child is currently receiving weekly speech and language therapy services through their school or another state agency/program, a copy of their current records, IEP and most recent evaluation will be requested by our center. After a thorough review of the specific records by one of our staff therapists, parents will be contacted to discuss and determine the next step in the screening and evaluation process for your child. We will also work closely with your child’s school or agency therapist in order to provide a well-rounded therapy program.

Please note that children receiving speech and language therapy services from more than one source (speech therapist, private therapist, special day class) will not be eligible for our program.

IEP's and School Therapy Services

Improving your child’s speech and language communication is our ultimate goal and it all starts with providing individual therapy services each week. This type of therapy is a vital element of your child’s weekly program and allows your child maximum opportunity to work on his/her communication goals. More importantly, it provides parents all the tools and essentials necessary for carrying out the skills learned in therapy each week. Each of our therapy sessions is also dedicated to speaking with parents and demonstrating specific strategies that are crucial to each child’s progress. Parents will be provided an opportunity to sit in on each session with their child or to observe through a two-way mirror and listen in on their child’s session through a speaker system. In either case, we encourage parent involvement in order to ensure steady progress and success.

Getting Started: The Initial Intake Process

Interested families should contact our center to speak with one of our staff therapists to see if your child may qualify for an evaluation and therapy. At that time, your child will be put on a waiting list in the order your call was received until his/her name moves to the top of our list. Parents will then be contacted in order to schedule an appointment for you to bring your child into our center to determine the next step.

Children may be added to our wait list at 2 1/2 years of age through 5 years of age. Once children are in elementary school, they are no longer eligible for our speech and language therapy services. Please call our center if you are interested in putting your child on our wait list.